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Customer satisfaction drives industry leadership

New Factory Bonfiglioli customers are reaping the benefits of a transformation of the company over the last 13 years that has placed it firmly as a market leader in the power transmission and control industries in Australia and New Zealand.

Through our focus on service and satisfaction, we have risen strongly to become one of Australia's top suppliers of helical, planetary, worm and frequency inverter drives, offering specific solutions for industrial and mobile equipment.

Ongoing investments of more than $20 million in infrastructure and stock, plus strong performances across Australia and New Zealand, have transformed the company into a broadly based innovator, offering product diversification, cost-efficient quality and strong in-house engineering capabilities to match global expertise to local needs.

office Local assembly of heavy drives, including the totally new HD series, have enhanced the transformation of Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia) Pty Ltd (BTA) into a versatile and highly capable member of the international Bonfiglioli group, which has 2500 employees worldwide and sales of two million products annually worth almost 700 million Euros ($A1166 Million). The full Australian branch is part of a global network of 13 full branches and eight production plants supported by many global distributors. The Australasian operation is also supported by a network of Distributors complemented by offices in Australian States, New Zealand and more lately Singapore.

DSC Bonfiglioli Internationally invests a great deal of it's turnover each year on new product ranges and facilities. The company's current investment in state-of-the-art production technology for Australia achieves the highest global standards of custom-engineering, precision assembly and quality testing. Engineering drives from the ground up to be leaders in their class, Bonfiglioli offers integrated solutions, competence and innovation in:

* Industrial Equipment - with a wide range of geared motors, gearboxes, and electric motors. Bonfiglioli Vectron also complements this with a wide range of frequency Inverter drives. A55 Gearbox VSD drives Worm Gearbox

* Mobile Equipment - Bonfiglioli Trasmital has a wide range of planetary-geared motors for travel, track wheel, winch, & slew drives plus special purpose transit mixer drives.

Transit Mixer Gearbox Slew drive Track Drive

Landmarks in our drive for superior customer service include:

* Local assembly of the totally new modular ( Heavy Duty )design HD series, which is now produced on Bonfiglioli's new Australasian production and testing line that cuts delivery times out of Europe by more than half for models from 14,000-125,000 Nm torque. The modular HD series, which is a totally new design from the ground up, is designed to be assembled remotely at qualified Bonfiglioli subsiduaries around the globe to specific customer requirements by highly trained and qualified Bonfiglioli personnel.

Local Assy

* Further enhancements to the Trasmital 300 series planetary drives , which is one of Bonfiglioli's top selling heavy duty drives in Australasia, Improvements introduced Down Under include performance upgrades and additional ratios for existing 300 series frame sizes as well as totally new sizes to cover an expanded range of torque segments. These latest innovations extend our ability to produce planetary drives for continuous service and also to custom engineer planetary gearbox combinations, which can attain peak torque outputs of more than a million Newton metres.


* Some of the most powerful drives ever engineered in Australasia by Bonfiglioli, including HD Hi-Torque drives in capacities up to 1,195,000 Nm of torque. With ratios from 23:1 up to 5000:1, the drives combine new generation HD helical with Bonfiglioli's compact and widely used Trasmital planetary drives and are ideal for very low speed applications.


* Hi-torque drives are complemented by custom-engineered drive solutions such as HD Drive Power Packs, up to 1155kw which incorporate the new generation HD helical drives fixed to a base plate and fully coupled and laser aligned with their fluid couplings, disc brakes, pony drives and rigid output couplings. These rigid flanged couplings allow for easy installation and removal of the drive whilst being low maintenance.


* Offering further mounting flexibility are the HD AFD series of alignment-free configurations that cost-efficiently integrates motor and gearbox without a base plate. These allow the use of close coupled IEC B5 flange mounted motors up to a G315 frame sizes.


* New high technology ranges designed to advance adoption of advanced mechatronics and automation. Bonfiglioli has doubled the capacity of Vectron ACT 201 and 401 selectable vector drives ranges available ex stock in Australia and New Zealand. The move to expanded local stocking of the ACT or "Active series" of drives up to 132kW, means enhanced availability and delivery of the advanced technology drives, which are designed to offer outstanding flexibility for variable speed industrial process applications. In addition the totally new "Agile series" of drives are about to be launched which will compliment the "Active series"

ACTIVE ACU drives 720C

* New and expanded facilities in New Zealand, Victoria and Perth to complement our state-of-the-art Headquarters in Sydney. Our new facility located near the M7 Orbital in the Western Sydney suburb of Glendenning accommodates a Drive Service Centre (DSC) equipped to meet Bonfiglioli's global technical and service standards. The DSC, is our technical competence centre for all Bonfiglioli products sold by BTA. In addition to the capital investment in its new Australasian headquarters, Bonfiglioli has invested a further $11 million on stock inventories in Australia and New Zealand to ensure the broad availability, and prompt deliveries of its drive technologies.

Melbourne Facility WA Facility NZ Facility
Melbourne VICPerth WAAuckland NZ

The DSC local advantage

"We are giving top priority to technology, range, inventory and service in Australasia", says Bonfiglioli's Managing Director Mr Malcolm Lewis. "Among the many benefits that the expanded Drives Service Centre ( DSC) provides, are sophisticated engineering capabilities that help ensure machinery is tailored to individual customer needs, and are designed to give optimum performance in particular applications. The DSC also provides field support for the latest technologies that we are introducing throughout our range", he said.

"The expanded service capabilities encompass the spectrum of gearbox technologies, ranging from hydraulic and electro-mechanical types to advanced electronic drives, as well as non-standard and combination types. Such versatility is vital in sophisticated processing and heavy industrial areas, ranging from areas such as food and chemical processing to mining and resources", says Mr Lewis.

The electronic services offered by Bonfiglioli in Australia and New Zealand are in turn complemented by Mechatronics DSC specialists.

Roles of the expanded DSC include:

* Applications Engineering

* System and Product Selection

* Commissioning

* Technical Call Centre

* After-Sales Service

Additionally, a large selection of 2D and 3D technical drawings is now available for download in many formats from the website . This link to Bonfiglioli's internationally proven Mosaico Engineering link also facilitates access to guided product selections, technical specifications and online help.

"The technical service and skills base of the DSC is being given such a high priority because it is highly important to our ability to propose integrated solutions to customer needs", says Mr Lewis. "As we expand our leadership in multiple streams of gearbox technologies, we must also enhance our ability to specify and combine their advantages for the greatest benefit to different industries", he said.


"To maintain and expand our authority in our field, we require a centre of concentrated expertise where we can bring together all the different technologies and solve non-standard issues that are vitally important to mainstream industries. Also, prompt and expert after-sales service is in high demand from clients who cannot afford downtime or inefficiency", he said.

Local assembly, combined with in-depth local engineering expertise, enables Bonfiglioli to custom engineer specific solutions for industrial and mobile equipment to meet individual needs and demanding local conditions.

The Bonfiglioli group produces more than 4000 gear reducers a day of all types and is an international technology leader, a role which it wishes to reinforce in Australasia through engineering expertise and investment.

Bonfiglioli has introduced to Australasia a series of its latest worldwide product releases, including the compact Trasmital planetary series, heavy duty HDO/HDP helical drives, the C, A and F helical gearboxes, W worm series a new reduced backlash gearmotor plus a broad range of electronic and mechanical variators, clutch-brake units and torque arm models