Local Assembly and Stock

Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia has invested in customised CNC controlled assembly machines to enable the company to provide a fast, reliable and efficient service that also maintains the Bonfiglioli S.p.A quality standards. They are operated by fully trained and qualified personnel.

Bonfiglioli assembles its modular gearboxes from its local and comprehensive stock of helical, worm, parallel shaft and planetary gearboxes.

The Bonfiglioli precision planetary gearboxes and gear units are designed manufactured and tested at the company’s European production plants.

The Bonfiglioli controllers and frequency invertors for Photovoltaic and for the Wind Turbines Pitch & Yaw drives are designed tested and manufactured in Krefeld Germany at the Bonfiglioli Vectron plant for Electronics.

The Bonfiglioli Trasmital products for the Mobile, Wind and Electro mobility are designed manufactured and tested at the company’s production plant based in Forli Italy. Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia holds in stock complete final drives for its important regular customers.