Bonfiglioli innovation, a value


Our customers' need for ongoing technical and technological improvement demands that our Group always keeps the future in mind.
Every innovation, be it in performance or application, is accompanied by Bonfiglioli's ability to provide products in line with and fully compliant with the requirements of our customers.
Thousands of applications in various fields and in countries around the world mean that we must maintain a flexible approach. We must always be ready to develop and improve; we must never settle for what we have already achieved. This flexibility is what makes us a reactive and pro-active partner, ready to support customers in identifying the solutions that best meet their needs.
In brief, Bonfiglioli's model for innovation is based on an enormous capacity for technological innovation accompanied by production and management processes that are designed to satisfy the needs of our customers and make the most of every individual in our group who is committed to working with passion and competence.

That is precisely whey we created BIC – the Bonfiglioli Innovation Centre – a whole department exclusively dedicated to researching solutions for new applications, developments in technology and innovation and new materials.
The new centre is committed to the development of advanced technology and easy to apply solutions. Located in Krefeld, Germany, the centre boasts a modern and functional laboratory and employs more than 10 researchers to investigate and design solutions for the future that are both integrated and innovative (in terms of technology, materials and control) for mechatronic, electronic, electrical and mechanical applications.
BIC also works in partnership with and actively collaborates with prestigious German universities and research institutes in Aachen, Dusseldorf, Bochum and Munich.
Understanding our market, predicting future developments and interpreting evolution and change is of crucial importance, and BIC, in conjunction with all other Bonfiglioli R&D centres, is committed to providing appropriate and sustainable answers in this direction.