A plant opens to the community
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A plant opens to the community

On the 7th June 2013, the Bonfiglioli Trasmital plant in Forlì presented a multi-approach plan for integration in the community
The plant’s core business is focused on the production of gearboxes for earth moving machines and for blade pitch control in large wind turbines.
Bonfiglioli Trasmital’s development of new electromobility solutions is a strategic way of generating new opportunities for growth.
Today, there can be no doubt that there is a growing demand for hybrid and all-electric powertrains, and effective solutions are needed not only for regular urban mobility but for large operating machines for construction and agriculture too. 
Dedicated high-tech solutions developed by Bonfiglioli are already in use on various types of vehicle. The company’s expertise in electromobility was clearly demonstrated at the press conference where fork lift applications for Toyota (one of the industry’s leading players) and all-electric drive solutions for the Tazzari Group (a Imola-based manufacturer of top quality electric cars) were presented. In its traditional market, Bonfiglioli Trasmital has also developed innovative,advanced technology products for Soilmec (the Trevi Group), a leading producer of tracked drilling machines and mobile cranes.

R&D is a driving force behind integration with the community as well as innovation and growth. Bonfiglioli Trasmital is therefore promoting various initiatives to strengthen links with local authorities, universities and businesses. 

The company’s invitation to work more closely together was immediately welcomed by the mayor of Forlì, Roberto Balzani, and by the rector of the university, which is already introducing a new mechatronics course that students at Forlì will be able to follow next academic year. The specialist engineers that this new degree course will turn out will be an extremely valuable resource for the area’s industry. Businesses will also be able to work with the university to develop ideas of specific interest to their own markets, thus building a research capacity that has never previously been available locally.
Local government, universities and businesses have to work together synergically in order to develop opportunities and to create distributed prosperity. Bonfiglioli Trasmital is a major force behind the creation of local wealth and is committed to acting as a pace-setter and guide in this process, and is determined to help generate a new, more positive energy to carry Forlì and the entire Romagna region into the future.

This is the reason why during the event a number of students from the most important professional schools in the area went to visit the plant and had the possibility to discover how, one of the most important manufacturer, strives to keep its leadership in the market: lean production, flexibility, customer focus, committment  and excellence are only some among the most important drivers Bonfiglioli Trasmital invests on, day after day.

Learn more about this project reading the press release at this link.