Award for Bonfiglioli at Teco’15, as automation solution provider
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Award for Bonfiglioli at Teco’15, as automation solution provider

Bonfiglioli took a leading role in the technical-economic event for the world of mechatronics for automation and transmission of power, TECO’15, promoted by Assiot-Sistemi di trasmissione Movimento e Potenza, Anie automazione, Assofluid and organised by Messe Frankfurt Italia.

The event saw the participation of the most important national and international groups in the world of industrial automation, confirming the success of the conference model on offer.

Contributing to the Workshops of the Technical session, aiming to share the experiences of success by member companies in the Mechatronics field with all participants, Bonfiglioli won the approval of the operators present thanks to the quality of the contributions from its management.

There was particular appreciation for the contribution by engineer Marco Bertoldi, who highlighted the great potential for growth, and competitiveness, of companies that apply a Mechatronic approach to improving their machines. Thanks to this, Bonfiglioli received the Award for the best presentation in terms of technical content.
As highlighted by Bertoldi, the mechatronic Co-Engineering proposed by Bonfiglioli, and implemented through its solutions, meets three distinct expectations: introduction of new, innovative functionality, increased performance and energy efficiency, generating competitive advantages for the machine manufacturer but also benefits for the end user, who can produce more flexibly and recoup their investment more quickly.

Businesses involved in the automation solutions market who can seize the opportunity of initiating a process of intensive co-engineering with their clients, reinforcing the partnership and capacity to satisfy the most wide-ranging market requirements, will come out on top. Mechatronics is the element that can generate new market opportunities and improve the quality of planning within each company.

Bonfiglioli’s Mechatronic approach consolidates the ability to offer integrated solutions, and not only new products for the market, reinforcing and adding value to the expertise acquired in more than 50 years of leadership in the industrial automation sector. Bonfiglioli is a reliable partner in all areas of the transmission chain and motion control, and finds in Mechatronics a natural development of its future prospects. Developments in Bonfiglioli’s offer are increasingly centred on the integration of electronics in the area of mechanics, with a strong and flexible tendency to solutions that are customised, and oriented to specific applications, making the maximum benefits that client users can expect available to them. Mechatronics By Design: a product that becomes a solution.

This is the concept of Bonfiglioli’s development.
Bertoldi’s contribution presented four concrete success stories, with the aim of sharing experiences that directed the audience towards the more effective mechatronic approach to applications. This permits maximum satisfaction of client expectations with a minimal financial impact. This is all made possible through and embodied in the vast range of solutions and specific experience of applications boasted by Bonfiglioli.
The content presented provided methodologies and useful tools with the possibility of immediate application to the many businesses that took part in the meeting, giving the matter the importance it deserves, to prove successful and be considered the most relevant in the technical session.

Bonfiglioli thanks the organisation of TECO’15 for the recognition received, consolidating the conviction that success must be achieved together with clients in an ever closer partnership based on innovation capable of being adopted by the greatest possible number of users.