Bonfiglioli International Meeting 2015
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Bonfiglioli International Meeting 2015

The 2015 international meeting of the Bonfiglioli group was held in a peaceful, picturesque setting near Rimini, Cattolica.
The meeting proved a crucial opportunity for the managers of the Group to reflect and exchange idea and opinions on how to face the challenges of the coming years.
This moment of coming together is considered very beneficial by all participants: on one hand to better comprehend all the various realities of the market that the Group is facing in the more than 80 countries worldwide where it operates, on the other to find arguments and shared convictions that can bring Bonfiglioli’s values and strategies coherently to the world in a shared manner.
The meeting continues a virtuous process that has transformed all participants into proactive contributors with the shared aim of developing ever more effective and synergic strategies for Bonfiglioli’s growth around the world.