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Bonfiglioli launches new payoff with a focus on the future

On Monday, 23 november, Bonfiglioli launched a new payoff, “Forever Forward.”   The new payoff represents the spirit of the Bonfiglioli business approach of providing innovative and forward-looking solutions for customers that help them meet the needs of their business.

The previous payoff, “Power, control and green solutions,” represented the products and solutions Bonfiglioli provides to customers, while the new payoff is more representative of the company’s commitment to the future, for Bonfiglioli and for its customers.

Bonfiglioli will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2016.  The new payoff is a reminder of the success and growth of the company has achieved so far, and the commitment to sustaining the success for at least another 60 years.

Bonfiglioli’s new payoff has strong, historical roots and has been inspired by the words of founder Clementino Bonfiglioli: “Avanti avanti a tutta forza!” which means “Forward with full force!”

Watch the 30-second video to learn more.