Bonfiglioli Trasmital opens its doors: over 1,600 people contribute to a great Open Day
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Bonfiglioli Trasmital opens its doors: over 1,600 people contribute to a great Open Day

Bonfiglioli Trasmital’s Forlì plant held an Open Day on the 8th June. The event involved all the plant’s employees as well as a large number of colleagues from Bonfiglioli Group factories in Bologna and Vignola.

The event was intended to consolidate a sense of belonging and contribution to a successful company and a shared heritage, so it was no surprise that employees and their families accounted for over 1,600 of the visitors.

Roberto Balzani, mayor of Forlì, Sonia Bonfiglioli and Fausto Carboni, General Manager of Bonfiglioli’s Mobile & Wind Business Unit, all spoke in the opening ceremony and emphasised just how important it is, in these difficult times, to enjoy a real group spirit as part of a company able to look to the future with optimism.

The underlying significance of the Open Day event was perfectly clear to all involved.

The event manifested a deeply felt pride in being part of the Bonfiglioli world, especially when the plant’s employees took it on themselves to explain the workings of the factory to their families, and when they accompanied their wives, sons and daughters to the offices or stations where they worked to show just how important their own roles in the plant’s lean and efficient industrial system were.

It was impressive to see how everybody, office and production line workers like, were delighted to take part in the day’s proceedings, which included, in addition to the factory visits, games for the kids, a permanently open buffet and musical entertainment under a warm sun.

At the end of the day, everybody felt that it had been a great success. The event, which had been actively promoted by management, had been thoroughly appreciated by the local community and especially by the plant’s employees and their families.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to all for their enthusiastic participation.

See the video about the event at this link