MALPIGHI LA.B - Robotics, IT, design and 3D design laboratory.
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MALPIGHI LA.B - Robotics, IT, design and 3D design laboratory.

A high-tech space for young people who want to develop and try out ideas in contact with the world of work and research.

Malpighi La.B is the result of a desire to create, for the first time in a secondary school in Bologna, a laboratory where technology can be a means for the students to put themselves to the test, try out and develop their own ideas, in contact with the world of business and research.

The Bonfiglioli family offered itself as an enthusiastic partner in this initiative, deciding to invest in a project that will open the world of digital technology, robotics, automation, design and 3D design to young people. On the firm foundation of managing the major industrial Group, it will bring a global vision to the technological development of the coming years, contributing to the identification of guidelines for the course of study together with other businesses and institutions.
“For me, this laboratory fulfils a dream that my father always had,” states Sonia Bonfiglioli, “of passing on the love of technology and active working to young people, irrespective of the training that they start with. The historic walls of Malpighi will soon house an open space where students can discover, invent, build and experience how technology can become a means to support their creativity, also in dialogue with businesses, who can suggest specific themes.”

There will be targeted apprenticeships in companies and external laboratories, where projects that have been initiated in the La. B will be explored in greater detail, creating a genuine collaborative network with the world of work and research.
“The Malpighi La. B will be open to the area,” – affirms Elena Ugolini, Headteacher of the Liceo Malpighi secondary school. “All young people who want to develop their technological culture will be able to work and experiment there. It won’t be dedicated only to the students of our school, because we want to take on the ideas of everyone, in a barrier-free challenge where the school becomes a crossroads between different worlds, with the concepts of innovation and creativity at the centre.”
Bonfiglioli is joined in this project by Ducati, Castelli, Loccioni, Dallara and H Farm: companies who want to lend concrete support to an innovative idea in education.

Malpighi La. B will be able to draw on prestigious educational collaboration, with such names as: H Farm Digital Academy, Turin Robotics Network, Opificio Golinelli, Italian National Research Council, Rovereto Design School, University of Bologna, Creative Learning department of the MIT of Boston. These bodies will help us to accelerate the students’ learning processes and will give them tools in order to establish a design that takes different, yet complementary, experiences into account, learning from what’s “happening” in Italy and in the world.