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Sales Meeting Bonfiglioli Deutschland

The 2011 Bonfiglioli Deutschland sales meeting took place in Bologna from June 16th to June 18th. It was an important opportunity for the 20 German colleagues to share, directly in the company headquarter and from the Bonfiglioli management voices, the group strategies according to new product and sales development in the Industrial business unit, new market opportunities and scenarios, new sales structure.

Together with the analysis and the debate about these important  topics (by means of team working and direct presentations) it was also possible to touch the state of the art of the manufacturing LEAN reorganization of the Bologna and Modena production plants.

Finally, the 20 people could compete in a fascinating regularity road contest riding on 8 Bonfiglioli-marked Fiat 500 cars up and down the Valmarecchia valley, near Rimini, where the finishing line was posted directly on the seaside.