Sonia Bonfiglioli appears in a BNL-Paribas advert
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Sonia Bonfiglioli appears in a BNL-Paribas advert

A new advertisement commissioned by BNL-Paribas was filmed at the Bonfiglioli Trasmital plant in Forlì on the 6th November 2014, featuring Sonia Bonfiglioli. Sonia has been chosen along with three other Italian entrepreneurs for their proven ability to succeed in the challenging world of international business.

The advert is part of a series that will be broadcast on national networks from the 28th November, accompanied by a press campaign in Italy’s leading newspapers. The choice of Sonia Bonfiglioli confirms that the business model adopted by the Bonfiglioli Group is seen as efficient, innovative, and capable of playing a leading role in a tough global market.

It also comes as well deserved recognition for Sonia Bonfiglioli and her father Clementino, who founded the company. Both have shown a unique ability to build and lead an international group of companies, and have become outstanding references for anybody who believes in the value of passion in business and is eager to face and overcome new challenges with every new day.

Hope you’ll enjoy the advert!