Bonfiglioli for charity

The charity iniziative in practice

The Bonfiglioli CheerFutureLand project plans to build a children’s village complete with accommodation, clinic, workshops, etc. to house some of India’s neediest children. The aim is to help these children grow up in a secure and comfortable environment, to look after them, educate them, and to permit them to develop physically, culturally and socially.

The charity’s first Boys Home, financed entirely by Bonfiglioli, was inaugurated in 2010. The home offers a comfortable, family-style environment completely different to that of a typical orphanage. It encourages study, provides affection, stimulates cooperation between the boys, follows their physical, psychological and moral development and takes an active interest in their education and training. Some of the boys from the home have already gone on to university. In July 2013, Bonfiglioli India was proud to announce the employment of the first graduate to come from the home. Initially designed to house 30 boys, the structure is now able to accommodate 45, thanks to donations from “Friends of Bonfiglioli”, employees, customers and suppliers.
Donations also support the work done at Prema Vasam’s main residential centre which provides accommodation for another 180 poor and homeless children. The centre also houses children with mental or physical disabilities and helps them make the most of their abilities despite their limitations. Anto Selvyn Roy, the psychotherapist who founded the charity works at this centre along with a team of educational therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, teachers, physical education instructors and helpers. This dedicated staff ensures the wellbeing of the children, offers them the care they need, caters for their special needs and educates them irrespective of cast, creed or religion.
Progress is being made every day by this project, which we share with all those of you who have had the generosity to donate but want your money to be put to tangible, practical uses that really do make a difference to needy children.

Help us contribute to building the future of this project and that of the children it looks after!