Bonfiglioli social projects

Social responsibility

As a company, Bonfiglioli promotes a worldwide commitment to social causes, especially causes related to children who live in the communities where our people live and work.  

We are focused on helping children and young people who face extreme poverty or who are disadvantaged in some way to have a better outcome in life and to provide opportunities for professional or vocational development. 

Our Group's founder, Clementino Bonfiglioli, is the inspiration for this commitment.  He believed that helping our next generation of leaders guarantees a better future not only for them but for the communities in which they live.  Wherever there are Bonfiglioli offices, there are also activities to support the children and needs of the community.

Bonfiglioli locations around the world are involved in a variety of activities including the construction and support of homes in India for orphaned children, transforming an abandoned house to a school in Vietnam, professional development opportunities in Italy and Spain, and more.