Bonfiglioli code of conduct

Code of conduct

Bonfiglioli has adopted a Code of Conduct in compliance with the principles established by the Italian Legislative Decree 231/01.
The code forms an integral part of the Bonfiglioli Group’s organisation, management and control model and also safeguards the Bonfiglioli Group against administrative responsibility for criminal conduct as defined and legislated against by the said decree.
For Bonfiglioli, the Code of Conduct represents a means of ensuring that all its actions conform to basic ethical principles and to the essential values of correctness, responsibility and professionalism that have characterised our company over 50 years of success in business.

All those who work with Bonfiglioli must follow a modus operandi based on correct relations with colleagues, customers, suppliers, organisations and partners in all their activities.
The ethical principles described in the Code of Conduct ensure the continuing integrity of Bonfiglioli’s excellent reputation, industrial assets and human resources and contribute in many ways to enhancing Bonfiglioli’s corporate image.
All of the companies in the Bonfiglioli Group, in Italy and elsewhere, have adopted the same Code of Conduct in order to subscribe to the principles established in it and to spread them throughout the Group and its external collaborators and partners.