Complete Solutions

Thanks to a thorough knowledge of all areas of industry, Bonfiglioli can offer customers the products they need to meet all possible requirements.
Our group’s range of gearmotors, drives and planetary gearboxes is the widest on the market today.
Our top quality, integrated products can be tailored to meet individual customer needs and to provide the perfect solution for even the most complex projects.

Thanks to the vast number of products in our catalogue, we can provide customers with a wide choice of solutions, from simple “plug and play” products to complex, heavy duty systems that demand extensive co-engineering.
Every single Bonfiglioli product is of excellent quality, as is the customer assistance that accompanies them.
As a result, Bonfiglioli solutions guarantee a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) among the most competitive on the market today.

Optimised manufacturing and management processes have allowed Bonfiglioli to achieve maximum efficiency in production.
Final assembly is performed in our group’s national subsidiaries and local distributors, allowing end customers to be served more rapidly and more directly, whatever their requirements.