Bonfiglioli attends the SPS IPC DRIVES Exhibition in Nuremberg, 2012
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Bonfiglioli attends the SPS IPC DRIVES Exhibition in Nuremberg, 2012

SPS IPC DRIVES ran from 27th to 29th November 2012 in NUREMBERG. This is an annual and international event which aims to present the best that the market can offer today in terms of electronic components for industrial automation.

With more than 1,500 exhibitors and 57,000 visitors over the three days, experts and professionals from the sector make a date to understand how electronic technology will evolve to improve industrial automation and increase the efficiency of processes.

Bonfiglioli, aware of the event’s importance, has now been taking part in this show for more than 10 years, since it represents a perfect platform for offering the market the most technologically advanced products available today in the field of automation.

For this edition, Bonfiglioli wanted to position itself as the “riskless partner for energy-efficient power transmission solutions”, creating four demo areas:

Demo 1
Improve your energy savings

There is no single answer to a given need. At Bonfiglioli, we evaluate, together with you, the optimal solution for your specific requirements and the exact level of energy saving desired over the machine’s entire life cycle. When you are satisfied we are satisfied.

Demo 2
Be green!

Industrial processes don’t consume energy all of the time; sometimes they actually supply energy. Capture this “green” energy to benefit not only the planet but also your own wallet. Allow Bonfiglioli to help you discover your hidden energy

Demo 3
Reduce your total cost

High-precision solutions can also be low operating cost solutions. Bonfiglioli’s energy saving proposals, optimally applied to your specific requirements, perfectly cover your individual needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Demo 4
One-Stop-Shop for your mechatronics applications

Bonfiglioli’s “One-Stop-Shop” saves you time and effort: a single partner to cover all your needs, who can offer you the optimal solution for your application. One stop, great savings.