Bonfiglioli calculation tools: a new service for clients
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Bonfiglioli calculation tools: a new service for clients

The global growth of a complex Group such as Bonfiglioli involves continuous research into new tools with applications for commercial activities, customer assistance and also, naturally, design.
R&D is a vital component of Bonfiglioli’s presence on the market, with innovations in these years that have accompanied the positive development of management of the global market.Part of this scenario is a new calculation process which aims to improve the reliability and precision of the tools to which it is applied.

The new process, developed in the Power Transmission Solutions division, has successfully managed more than 40,000 calculations over the last 24 months on hundreds of different product configurations, overcoming the obstacle posed by the great number of mechanical components in the power transmission chain and the various international calculation regulations and standards.

This result was achieved by rationalising the spreadsheets into a single work environment using commercial software for the calculation of industrial gearboxes and by creating a Bonfiglioli system named PTS Tools that, despite being a highly sophisticated internal program, has been made partially available externally, optimising technical support to the sales network.
The Client supplies the data of the application requiring interaction with Bonfiglioli products, the technical-sales assistance connects to the web page on the portal, protected by an encryption protocol, selects the gearbox deemed most suitable and sends the calculation requests. In the space of a few minutes the response is ready, with the results in PDF format ready to give to the client.
All this ensures precision, complete compliance with the client’s specific requirements and rapid response through targeted interventions to optimise components.