Bonfiglioli helps climbers compete on the “Rotor” in Rai Uno’s “Red or Black” game show
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Bonfiglioli helps climbers compete on the “Rotor” in Rai Uno’s “Red or Black” game show

CLIMBERS COMPETE ON THE “ROTOR” ON RAI UNO, Italy’s first state TV channel.
The “Rotor” a giant wheel invented by Climblock is one of the key features of “Red or Black”, the TV show hosted by Fabrizio Frizzi.

The next edition of “Red or Black? All or Nothing”
, Rai Uno’s new game show with Fabrizio Frizzi and Gabriele Cirilli, will feature an innovative and creative piece of technology developed in the Trentino Development Technology Area.
The “Rotor” is a huge wheel, 5 metres in height and 3 tons in weight, designed and built by Climblock in collaboration with a pool of other companies (Eiron, Tecs, Elettronica Agis and Bonfiglioli) at the headquarters of BIC in Via Zeni, Rovereto to pose a spectacular challenge for top climbers. The next edition of the programme, which will include a series of spectacular challenges, will be broadcast tomorrow, Friday 15th March at 21:10 on Rai Uno.

A team of technicians, headed by Renzo Vettori took a few days to assemble the wheel at the studios of Rai in Cinecittà, Rome. The team also provided technical assistance during the trials and show recording sessions. Everything went well but the results of the game are still strictly confidential. The press release issued by Rai simply described the event as a “free-climbing challenge on the world’s largest climbing machine”.

The “Rotor”, as the wheel is known, is 5 metres high and weighs a total of 3 tons. Climbers are put through their paces by “climbing” up the 12 metres of circumference as the wheel turns at speeds of up to 2 metres a second. The wheel was conceived by Climblock, but another four companies based at Trentino Development’s BIC site were involved in its construction.
Eiron helped design the prototype, Tecs prepared the executive drawings and Elettronica Agis provided the electrical system.
A commercial version of the “Rotor” will soon enter production, fitted with innovative, permanent magnet, brushless electric motors developed by Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. at its research centre in the Rovereto Technology Area.

This original machine is likely to prove particularly successful as indoor training equipment for free-climbers, as it helps develop stamina, strength and speed without the need for large scale climbing walls.
The innovative “Rotor” received special recognition at ISPO 2013 in Munich, one of the world’s top exhibitions for the sport of climbing. On the 6th February, Climblock’s “Rotor” was voted one of the exhibition’s most original and innovative products.

The next appointment for “Red or Black”, the game-show hosted by Fabrizio Frizzi and Gabriele Cirilli, and produced by Rai Uno in collaboration with Magnolia, is for 21:10 on Friday 15th March.