MDS: The New Mechatronic Drives & Solutions Division
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MDS: The New Mechatronic Drives & Solutions Division

Bonfiglioli further consolidates its unique market position in the industrial power transmission market  with the creation of the “Industrial Mechatronic Drives & Solutions Division” (MDS).

The MDS Division’s mission is to become the “Riskless partner in the Energy Efficient Power transmission market over the life cycle of the Application”. In order to achieve this, Bonfiglioli will reinforce a strategy which it has been successfully applying for many years with a number of key customers, that of supplying integrated solutions, and not only single products. This entails the convergence of mechanical, electric, electronic and applications competences, definitely mechatronic.

The MDS Division’s product perimeter is represented by brushless motors, low backlash gearboxes, inverters and servo drives. The combination of these products, mated to the complete Bonfiglioli offering within the Industrial market, allows Bonfiglioli to become a One-Stop-Shop, with the objective to develop electronic-oriented products as well as mechatronic and vertically integrated solutions.

Two Centers of Excellence will drive MDS’ success. The first is Bonfiglioli Vectron in Germany, with strong technical, R&D and manufacturing capabilities as regards electronic components, and most notably inverters and servo drives. The second is BMR (Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research), situated in Rovereto (Trento), a Bonfiglioli’s new facility created specifically to support the MDS Division. BMR will concentrate on brushless motors and low backlash gearboxes, and itself also offers a strong R&D capability as well as a state-of-the-art production facility capable of manufacturing the sophisticated products assigned to it.

Together Vectron and BMR will drive the development of new and customer orientated product solutions which aim at the very top of the power transmission product offering pyramid.

MDS spans internationally and utilizes Bonfiglioli’s branches to directly follow its customers using streamlined international teams. Key to MDS’ success will be the strong technical support supplied by its DSC (Drive Service Center) team, a group of technical experts within both the branches and R&D centers which together have the task of anticipating, understanding and satisfying the customers’ needs.

The combination of these commitments will allow the MDS Division to concentrate on offering its customers complete integrated solutions which minimize their energy consumption, reduce their Total Cost of Ownership, recuperate energy from their processes and offer highly precise solutions.