TQ - Precision planetary gearbox

Low backlash planetary gearboxes

TQ - Precision planetary gearbox, Precision planetary inline gearboxes

The TQ series of low backlash planetary precision gearboxes is designed to deliver the highest possible level of transmission precision. Low backlash combined with a high torsional stiffness guarantees a very competent product, especially in high dynamic and reversing applications.
The technical design of this gearbox also allows high axial and radial loads on the output shaft and a very silent operation.

Technical data

Torque range
30 ... 800 Nm

Maximum acceleration torque
45 ... 1200 Nm

Transmiossion ratios
3 ... 100

Output configuration
Square flange mounting

Input configuration
Wide range of coupling configurations to suit  most common servomotors

Product Line up

• Outstanding Torque Density

• Outstanding Acceleration and Nominal Torques

• Outstanding Radial and Axial Load Capacities

• Designed for Cyclic and Continuous Duty

• Markedly higher Torsional Stiffness

• Extremely Geometrical Backlash less than 2 arcmin

• Quiet running

• Universal design allow any mounting orientation

Lubricated for life

TypeRated torque [Nm]Acceleration torque [Nm]
TQ 0603045
TQ 07070100
TQ 090200300
TQ 130400600
TQ 1608001.200
TQ features two classes of precision, corresponding to the following values of circumferential backlash
1-stage units: standard φs ≤ 3’ reduced φR ≤ 2’ (φs ≤ 4’; φR ≤ 2’ for TQ 060 and TQ 070)
2-stage units: standard φs ≤ 5’ reduced φR ≤ 3’ (φs ≤ 6’; φR ≤ 4’ for TQ 060 and TQ 070)