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Bonfiglioli has been chosen by the EU to take part in the European Community’s EFEVE project to develop new Energetic, Flexible, Economical, Versatile and Ecological processes for making strong and lightweight components. This strategic piece of European research focuses on the development of innovative new materials and technologies for forming reinforced magnesium and aluminium alloys.

Within the project, Bonfiglioli has been assigned the task of applying new technology to the production of a gearbox destined for yaw and pitch control in 1.5 MW wind turbines. The entire process of developing the materials, the mechanical, physical and functional characteristics of the product, and final testing and evaluation will be conducted by the Research and Development department of Bonfiglioli Trasmital.
Bonfiglioli Trasmital leads the field in the production of components for large scale wind farms. The company is market leader with a share of over 25% and counts some of the world’s largest constructors of wind turbines among its customers.

Being chosen for this important applied research project clearly demonstrates the international reputation that the Bonfiglioli Group has built up as a driving force for change and for sustainable and shared growth.