Bonfiglioli presents new integrated inverters on their yaw control gearmotors at HUSUM Wind Energy 2012.
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Bonfiglioli presents new integrated inverters on their yaw control gearmotors at HUSUM Wind Energy 2012.

The HUSUM Wind Energy exhibition is the world’s top event for the wind energy sector, and runs from the 18th to the 22nd September this year. Bonfiglioli will use the occasion to present a new gearmotor with an integrated inverter control system.
Bonfiglioli’s new yaw control gearmotor for the next generation of wind turbines incorporates all the company’s vast know-how and experience.
The Husum exhibition will be the first time for the new integrated inverter and gearmotor to appear in Europe.
Bonfiglioli’s idea is to offer a complete yaw control solution based on the integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic control sub-systems in a single mechatronic unit.
The new, integrated unit forms a complete yaw system, guarantees improved performance and delivers various advantages in terms of reliability and availability.

The solution on display at Husum 2012 offers the benefits of compactness, reduced weight and a reduced number of components, and represents a complete “plug & play” solution.
It is designed to satisfy the needs of global wind turbine manufacturers and especially those producing turbines of more than 3 MW in power, for which reliability and availability are particularly important.

Existing turbines equipped with conventional yaw systems (with fixed speed motors and no inverter control) can be quickly and easily retrofitted without having to change the mechanical layout of the nacelle.
The new inverter can be fitted simply by removing the terminal cover of the electric motor and fixing the electronic unit in its place.

Bonfiglioli’s new inverter offers immediate benefits not only in terms of functionality but in terms of yaw system reliability too.
Electronic torque control extends the life of the gearmotor and also ensures even load distribution, especially in the presence of load peaks caused by wind gusts.
In the case of turbines with yaw systems controlled by conventional inverters, retrofitting still optimises system costs by eliminating or reducing the size of the installation cabinet and saving in cabling and commissioning times.